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To let: no pets, children, smokers, decorating or anyone on benefits!

May 4, 2012

Have you noticed that landlords often state no children, pets, smokers and no one on benefits when advertising property to let? You might not be even allowed to decorate your own home.

Makes you think that private tenants have lesser rights than home owners and social housing tenants! How many mortgage companies specify the same conditions!

Specifying these conditions doesn’t make you feel that you are respected as full member of society with equal rights as citizens enjoying other tenures.







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  1. Tunde permalink

    Many people who are on benefits are actually working but in low paid jobs or with high childcare costs. Yet being on benefits have become a social stigma. In the case of London (but not only), you might earn average wages in full time employment, yet still would need to rely on housing benefits as a private tenant, simply because of the inflated and unaffordable rents charged in most areas (including the outskirts).
    Landlords often discriminate against and would not let to private tenants partly due to their negative preconceptions, and as I have recently learned, due to some banks’ stringent mortgage conditions. While downgrading, sharing flats or moving house is less of an issue for singles and people without families (not to say that is acceptable though or not a problem), it is much more of a problem for families with children, especially who already attending school in their local area. It is much more disastrous for families to move away from their local networks, community, school, etc, and it has further ramifications regarding childrens’ welfare and education. We also have to bear in mind, that the population of the UK is an ageing population, which means working families with children should be perceived as an important part of society rather than being penalised in so many different ways. Nevetheless, i do believe all private tenants are affected to a more or lesser extent, and I merely aim to point out some further negative impacts of the private tenacies, as they are today.
    It is time that houses/ flats are treated as homes, not sources of investment revenues and unearned income.

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