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Gas appliances safe, electrics might be?

Ever wondered why gas appliances and installations in private rented homes have to have an annual safety check but electrical appliances and wiring do not!

One private tenant has already lost their life to a combination of a faulty appliance and no earthing (see Private tenants are disproportionately affected by electric shocks in their homes and that more one fifth of all private tenants already report concerns with electrical safety in their home.

Compulsory periodic inspection and testing of electrical appliances and wiring is long overdue!





To let: no pets, children, smokers, decorating or anyone on benefits!

Have you noticed that landlords often state no children, pets, smokers and no one on benefits when advertising property to let? You might not be even allowed to decorate your own home.

Makes you think that private tenants have lesser rights than home owners and social housing tenants! How many mortgage companies specify the same conditions!

Specifying these conditions doesn’t make you feel that you are respected as full member of society with equal rights as citizens enjoying other tenures.







Vote to evict rogue landlords on 3rd May 2012

If you are a private tenant why not consider voting for candidates in today’s local elections and mayor elections who want to deal with the blight of rogue landlords!

Welcome to the NPTO blog – one size tenancy fits all!

Welcome to the first blog of the National Private Tenants Organisation (England). We campaign for professionally managed, secure, decent and affordable housing private rented homes in sustainable communities.

Why do the Goverment and landord organisations think that the Assured Shorthold tenancy (AS) suits all consumers (tenants) needs?

The AS is insecure and does not cater for the needs of tenants who want a settled and secure home. This might include older tenants, tenants with settled employment and families and in fact any tenants who do not want to made homeless with only 2 months notice (Section 21 notice).  In other parts of Europe Governments are much more enlightened and acutally make an effort to cater for tenants varying needs.  It is time consumers (tenants) needs were taken into account too not just landlords. There is evidence that some landlords use Section 21 in retaliation when a tenant attempts to have their legal rights upheld e.g. in relation to repairs and health and safety etc.

A start would be for landlords to grant Assured and renewable long fixed term AS tenancies (with break clauses). Surely a fixed rental income for a long period would benefit landlords! A new form for tenancy is required to provide security for the growing number of citizens who have no choice but to rent privately.

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